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Mane Beauty Boutique

The Mall at Sierra Vista / 520-458-5365

Hair. Fashion. Beauty. Emerge into the Naturalle Couture

Haute-Couture~ The business of designing, making, and selling highly fashionable, custom-made products.

From the boardroom to the classroom, from the catwalk to the sidewalk, women around the world are making the decision to free themselves from “the creamy crack,” choosing to transition from their dependence on chemical relaxers to confidently embrace their naturally kinky, curly, wavy or multi-textural hair. 

With this mass exodus, many fashion and beauty-conscious natural hair fashionistas are no longer satisfied with the numerous “home-grown” products that feature great natural and organic ingredients but lack style, sophistication, and the technology to get long-lasting results and maximum styling versatility for their natural and transitioning hair.

With nearly two years in development we give you the Entwine Naturalle Coiffure Collezioni a haute-couture approach to natural and transitioning hair care + styling.


To establish Entwine as the brand of choice that provides the most education, information, support and exceptional for fashion, beauty and style-conscious women throughout their natural hair journey. 

To provide women of color wearing natural hair a voice of inspiration, empowerment, encouragement and confidence to take control and rule the world naturally.