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Mane Beauty Boutique

The Mall at Sierra Vista / 520-458-5365

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Web Store

Bohemian Crimpy Wave

$9.99 $12.99

Creativity, artists, colorful clothing and gypsies what do they all have in common? Bohemian style of course! Let your imagination flow and reflect your unique individuality in boho style with Faux Remi Bohemian Bundle. Bring out that exotic, free-spirited look in you! Channel your inner Bohemian Goddess with our Faux Remi Bohemian Bundle styles with natural textures that blend effortlessly and feel like your own. Faux Remi Bohemian Bundle is great for crocheting even more so for micro-braiding into your natural hair. Our Bohemian Bundle is not only protective but comes in a variety of tight curls and wave patterns to suit any occasion! A great way to express your creative personality, Faux Remi Bohemian Bundle is your work of art!

ISIS Hair Collection

Faux Remi Braid 

Crochet Style

Synthetic Braid

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