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Mane Beauty Boutique

The Mall at Sierra Vista / 520-458-5365

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Zuresh Muscle Rub


Our Muscle Rub is a combination of Peppermint, Spearmint and Eucalyptus Essentials (marinated in Camphor Crystals)then we added a few other essentials for great fragrance and carrier oils providing an all natural, DEEPLY penetrating relief that soothes. An added benefit is that your skin is also left moisturized and conditioned with our basic oil moisturizers grapeseed, Blackseed Oil ( see Blackseed oil in our Rebirth Hair tonic or Blackseed & Honey), jojoba, and olive oils.


Body muscle rub will relieve any ache you have. Revitalize and rejuvenate.



Apply a small amount, massage into the area and apply a warm cloth or compress. Our many clients that love this product warm amount they need in microwave (10-15 seconds). Feel the relief ! Safe to apply as often as needed. Great in the tub - Add a Tablespoon to your warm/hot bath.


Our muscle rub provides an added bonus of a great scent once the main healing essential oils absorb. Pure minty oils thin the blood even more. *** Please do Not use if pregnant and/or on excessive Blood Thinners. If you are on a Blood thinner then use sparingly or a few hours outside of taking your medicine.


*CARRIBEAN DREAMS - makes you think of being under some palm trees with soothing breezes blowing - no worries - no pain - naturally.


Due to the UNREFINED BLACKSEED OIL we are now using ( just like our Rebirth Hair Tonic) the muscle rub is a bit darker than usual.

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